Willful Ignorance

I love the phrase ‘willful ignorance’ and I really love this video.

It’s making the rounds on Facebook, but I do wonder how many of those who ‘share’ and ‘like’ the video have modified their behavior or continue to remain willfully ignorant about this issue. There seems to be a lot of research happening now about how tools like Facebook speed information sharing so much that it makes us feel comfortable consuming without digesting it, so you have to wonder if the impact is in any way reflective of the amount of attention it’s getting. But that’s a side note.

One of the things I found fascinating about viewing the video and watching others watch it, is how humans have such a sense of self preservation that despite being confronted with our own faults, our brains still fight valiantly to convince us that the lecturer is STILL WORSE and therefore to miss the entire point of the video.

If you haven’t already, watch it. You may find yourself stuck wondering what could be considered a ‘reasonable’ effort in this day and age to be a little less willfully ignorant.