When Things Go Well…

I read a post at Signal vs Noise the other day about spreading good vibes with karma reminders. Obviously it’s an ad for using 37 Signals’ Backpack organiser, but today it hit me (yes I know, it takes a while sometimes) that Matt made a good point.

When you are a small business (or anyone really), there is a lot of time to focus on the negatives: that mounting pile of bills, the lagging payments from customers, that half-full pipeline etc etc. 

But every now and then, things go really well, and when they do, it’s often hard to find the time to bask in the glow of success.

“There are things in life that you shouldn’t take for granted.”

Today, things are going well for us. We have exciting work on and even more exciting deals on the go, we have good partnerships set up that are starting to become very profitable and the three day storm that threatened to blow Wellington apart has just died down and I can see sun again…

Things are going well :)