We’ve got a new blog!

After months of fiddling away, we’ve finally, officially made the move the WordPress and an updated design!!!!

We’d love to hear any feedback on the much more simple and clean? layout… Which, knowing us, will soon become very cluttered with widgets

2 thoughts on “We’ve got a new blog!”

  1. Hi Nat,

    Good to see that you’ve made the move to WP. Just a couple of points from me about the new site. 1st – the image of you and the one of James in the header appears “pixely” like the ratio has been messed with. 2nd – When I get feeds in my Reader I am more likely than not to just skip over the ones that only deliver a partial feed (have got time to worry about clicking through to the site and I don’t really want to take my hands off the keyboard and reach for the mouse).

    Hope all is well in windy Wellie.

  2. Hey Leah!

    Yeah in the end it was a matter of getting it up and tweaking the bad photos later… (still waiting ;))

    the feed was temporarily broken, I think because I forgot to update feedburner (duh) but should be fixed now. I hope it’s pulling through the full articles because I hate those cut off posts too…

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