The tale of two engagements

I probably don’t need to go into detail about poor Jennifer Anniston’s inability to tie a man down for years, while she desperately pursued her baby plans and was rejected by multiple lovers. I probably don’t even need to recount the skeptical feedback her engagement generated, and the ongoing rumours that she is struggling to keep a hold of her man and (finally) get him down the alter.

What probably will come as a shock is that not only has George Clooney been in the same boat, he’s been in that boat years longer. Leaving him EVEN older, and less successful in love, well beyond a socially acceptable child bearing age. The poor dude though, DID manage to somehow trick a wildly successful human rights lawyer into accepting his proposal, and I’m sure many of us are waiting with baited breath to see if he can keep her.

The race to the aisle is on. Which one of these miserable, desperate individuals will manage to make it?

Maybe it’s about time to look seriously at some of the stereotypes and double standards we’re a little too comfortable with? This article really sums up one of the most blatant, ridiculous and yet unchallenged beliefs we digest daily. Food for thought.

2 thoughts on “The tale of two engagements”

  1. Sooo .. now that Clooney’s off the menu, maybe I’ll have a chance with some of those women who were holding out against all hope.

    I’m a good 18 months younger than him too!

    I’ll just have to hope Johnny Depp consummates his current engagement. He’s six months younger than me.

  2. It’s the same as that whole theory that gay celebrities were worried about coming out in case they lost their audience. Love how people thought their preference was the limiting factor.

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