The Speeding Game

Just hear the uproar around the police using FAKE speed cameras to discourage speeding.

All those people who have gone out and bought speed camera detectors (apparently 10% of us), are annoyed.

Does it really frustrate anyone else that every time a law is passed that is intended to help people, a raft of us go out deliberately to find a loophole/exception/avoidance technique to ensure it doesn’t apply to them.

What on earth do the police and media and hospitals in this country need to do to prove that no one is exempt from the effects of speeding? The 10% who are sold speed camera detectors on the basis that the cost is covered by the reduction in speeding fines they get, should be ashamed. You are the sort of people that force Governments to waste a whole lot of time and our tax money to force you to do something that’s downright logical.

We all know the POINT of speed cameras and speed laws, what I don’t understand is the point of trying to get around it.

One thought on “The Speeding Game”

  1. I don’t drive fast enough to need a radar detector (and I don’t have one). I drive close to the maximum permitted speed (when it is safe to do so, which is most places), and continue on past police cars and cameras at exactly the same speed. The weird thing is that almost everyone else on the road is driving at least 10 km/h slower than that (yet still brakes for police cars!), and on a trip between Wellington and Auckland I’ll seldom have more than 3 or 4 cars catch up to me (I pull over to let them past as soon as practical).

    I also seem to be one of the very few people who will overtake a police car that is traveling just below the speed limit.

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