Smarter Browsing with Firefox

Get Firefox!

If you use the internet for periods longer than 2 minutes, and the word ‘Firefox’ conjures up images of a small furry animal in a painful situation, then you really need to read on. The fact that everyone should use Firefox is just such a given in our minds, we forget the need to give it a plug until we check our website stats to find most of you are coming at us from Internet Explorer. Yes, we know it is the default browser installed on your computer, but take 5 minutes and download the free Firefox browser and be forever self-congratulary (and congratulated by the 140807183 people already converted).

Reasons to Make the Shift 

  • Your web designer will give you a hug for taking them one step closer to a world where Microsoft’s infuriating insistance on not conforming to web standards wont matter.
  • You will notice that browsing the web is actually a fairly fast experience
  • You can add some super extensions to make browsing ever so much more fun.
  • It’s free
  • You will be supporting an open community of developers and people who don’t believe that massive all-powerful corporations are necessarily a good thing.

Get Firefox now:

Get Firefox!

And if you’ve already got it, don’t forget to upgrade to version 1.5 :)