Small Business Accounting Please

We are desperately seeking a good web based accounting system a la Net Accounts but that caters to NZ GST rules.

We want it to be:

  • Simple
  • Intuative
  • able to upload bank statements
  • Avaliable online from anywhere
  • Immediately.

Most small businesses seem to have to make do with MYOB or suchlike, and this was a problem we tried to address by building evolutionone, however then, and now we fail to find an accounting system aimed at normal, average small-medium business owners.

Is this not a job for the web 2.0 crowd? Is it not much needed? We have searched what seems like the entire web and everything we have found is either aimed at accountants, enterprise size or limited to part of the accounting process.

Anyone know anything or want to build this obviously much needed tool?

One thought on “Small Business Accounting Please”

  1. Actually I’d love to have go at building something. Perhaps a collaborative effort. I’ve been looking for a while now and the only option appears to be Netsuite – but too expensive and too complicated. What we need is a web based MYOB or similar. Need some clever ROR developers for the job.

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