Side Job Track

Web Based job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor. (And it’s free)

Side Job TrackOne of the best ways to get out of working for ‘the man’ and into working for yourself is to start freelancing on the side while still maintaining your fulltime ‘day job’. A lot of people move into owning their own business this way, or have dreams of doing something like it in the future but right now ‘it’s just too much work’. Side Job Track makes life for the part-time independent contractor that much easier. Based on the web 2.0 philosophy of keeping it simple and catering to a small, specific group, Side Job Track have turned themselves into almost everything a one man gang could ever need.

Who it’s good for 

Anyone who works full-time but also provides services casually for friends, family, or clients. 

Why it’s good 

  •  It’s one of those super well designed web 2.0 services that makes using it a breeze
  • It’s free and guaranteed to stay so (with future options of a premier service)
  • It’s a simple way to maintain a professional image and manage your jobs
  • It makes it easy to see how you’re doing
  • the reporting system helps you extend your side job work.

 For the hard-to-please…

If it takes you a lot to convince you that something is very cool and you are still sitting on the fence, you’ll probably be interested to know that not only the entire application was developed by one very talented lady, but the application framework was as well. Not enough? She did it in her spare time.