Reality TV?

We have a new programme in New Zealand called ‘make the politician work’. The point appears to be that Politicians go out and about and work in the industries/areas that are part of their portfolio, so they get an understanding of what they are meant to be governing.

I suppose it’s deemed a good thing because we then get to see the cuddly side of our MPs, much the same as ‘Undercover CEO’. And we see how they learn about the real people they deal with, rather than just the legal side.

The only issue is, seriously, if you are minister for the environment, help me God, if you are yet to actually visit a rubbish dump… Or if you are minister for education and it takes a TV show for it to dawn on you that we have a large and disparate population who have very different needs….

That programme totally freaks me out. I suppose we all sort of know that when you get into politics and become successful, you are thrust a portfolio to manage, regardless of actually having ANY experience or knowledge in the area… But to watch these bumbling idiots (and to be honest that’s how they come across) experience ‘a ha’ moments on such a basic level about stuff they are in CHARGE of at a national level is truly terrifying.

I normally turn off such shows, and to be honest only have watched one or two of this one… The shorts give away the rest. Aside from the fact that I firmly believe that MPs should steer well away from reality TV careers and focus on running the country, I also would like to think they’ve done a wee bit of research before being handed huge power to sort out stuff they seemingly know nothing about.

Or is that too much to ask?