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Being a hoarder of photos and an avid writer, finding tools like these causes me to tingle with excitment.

Cafe Press 

cafe press

I first heard about Cafepress a few years ago when considering writing a book. If you are a small business or an individual who likes writing or designing graphics, here is the place to simply upload and publish to the real world in the form of caps, t-shirts, books… the list goes on, then sell them with a markup of your choosing to friends, family and complete strangers. Because of their business model, the costs are minimal and if your looking for something a little different to market your business, this will at the very least shower you with ideas.

I just had to add this link to show exactly what this means for the average person, let alone 8 year old children…


More aimed at avid photographers (be them professional or just anyone who clicks their digital camera like mad), Blurb allows you to turn your piles of digital photos into a beautiful, hard cover book. The possibilities currently seem near limitless, on a personal level and for those with a cool idea for a book who don’t want to go through the drama of traditional publishing companies.

Prices start at $29.95 for a 40 page hardcover book, with bulk buying discounts.


We love any tools that break down old barriers. Publishing is a biggie and these tools signify new freedom at affordable rates.

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