Customer Testimonials on Your Website (or any marketing material)

When we were designing our new site, we wanted to scrap the traditional web designer approach of listing a picture of every single site we’ve ever made with no real information or detail about how it got made and why. Same with customer testimonials. We don’t think customer testimonials are useful in anyway to potential customers if all they talk about it how great we are, what we want is real live accounts of exactly how our websites have helped, benefitted or changed the businesses we work with.

But bad customer testimonials aren’t limited to web designers. Virtually everyone wants them on their sites (they add credibility), so heres a great article about good customer testimonials vs. bad ones. Why is it so important to get testimonials right? Becuase potential customers choose you on the basis of how satisfied your current customes are. If your testimonials are a load of waffle or obviously made up, chances are you’ll get passed over, but if they are written well and are helpful, you’ve just given yourself a much better chance at converting interest into sales.


Side Job Track

Web Based job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor. (And it’s free)

Side Job TrackOne of the best ways to get out of working for ‘the man’ and into working for yourself is to start freelancing on the side while still maintaining your fulltime ‘day job’. A lot of people move into owning their own business this way, or have dreams of doing something like it in the future but right now ‘it’s just too much work’. Side Job Track makes life for the part-time independent contractor that much easier. Based on the web 2.0 philosophy of keeping it simple and catering to a small, specific group, Side Job Track have turned themselves into almost everything a one man gang could ever need.

Who it’s good for 

Anyone who works full-time but also provides services casually for friends, family, or clients. 

Why it’s good 

  •  It’s one of those super well designed web 2.0 services that makes using it a breeze
  • It’s free and guaranteed to stay so (with future options of a premier service)
  • It’s a simple way to maintain a professional image and manage your jobs
  • It makes it easy to see how you’re doing
  • the reporting system helps you extend your side job work.

 For the hard-to-please…

If it takes you a lot to convince you that something is very cool and you are still sitting on the fence, you’ll probably be interested to know that not only the entire application was developed by one very talented lady, but the application framework was as well. Not enough? She did it in her spare time.


Finding your way through the Blogosphere

If you are barely familiar with the word ‘blog’ and feel like this RSS thing is over your head, but you’re thinking that this all sounds very cool, then you probably want a quick rundown of how the blogosphere works. This is a very basic overview for people extremely new to the area, don’t expect any blogging revelations here!

Browsing other People’s Blogs 

A lot of people now read blogs instead of newspapers. They offer a more realistic and wholistic view on current events because you get a thousand different perspectives – some from right within the action, and virtually no one relies on their blog for their income – so they feel no pressure to keep the advertisers happy. In recognition of this, many services have cropped up to show you the most talked about stories and allow you to search for topics that interest you.

Good Blog Search Engines/ Trackers to get you started

Evntually, you may find that your browser bookmarks are full of blogs you regularly enjoy visiting, and you waste a lot of time having to go to each site to see if the blog has been updated,

This is where Blog Aggregators/ Blog Readers Come In 

There are quite a lot of blog readers cropping up. A while ago we profiled netvibes, which is a blog reader intergrated into a bunch of other cool applications, other popular ones are:

 How Blog Readers work

Basically, when you sign up to one of these services you will get your own page where all the blogs you have subscribed to will show up. From this one place, you can monitor all your favourite blogs and stay informed. 

 How to subscribe to blogs

You may notice at the right of this blog there is a ‘subscribe to this feed’ button rss icon. This uses RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Most blogs these days have a similar button, all you need to do is click on it and put the url in the relevent input box in your blog reader.

 Some additional services

Because blogging is so popular there is a service for virtually anything you could possibly desire. Found a blog you like and want to know about similar blogs? go to Blogcode. Have you become an avid commenter? Track your conversations in one place at cocomment.


Print Publishing for All

Being a hoarder of photos and an avid writer, finding tools like these causes me to tingle with excitment.

Cafe Press 

cafe press

I first heard about Cafepress a few years ago when considering writing a book. If you are a small business or an individual who likes writing or designing graphics, here is the place to simply upload and publish to the real world in the form of caps, t-shirts, books… the list goes on, then sell them with a markup of your choosing to friends, family and complete strangers. Because of their business model, the costs are minimal and if your looking for something a little different to market your business, this will at the very least shower you with ideas.

I just had to add this link to show exactly what this means for the average person, let alone 8 year old children…


More aimed at avid photographers (be them professional or just anyone who clicks their digital camera like mad), Blurb allows you to turn your piles of digital photos into a beautiful, hard cover book. The possibilities currently seem near limitless, on a personal level and for those with a cool idea for a book who don’t want to go through the drama of traditional publishing companies.

Prices start at $29.95 for a 40 page hardcover book, with bulk buying discounts.


We love any tools that break down old barriers. Publishing is a biggie and these tools signify new freedom at affordable rates.

UPDATECool Book Publishing Services:

Lulu Book Publishing



Picaboo Book Publishing 






Good Content is Your Best Advertisement

With all the buzz about search engine optimisation and directing traffic to your site, using the right key words and the best key word infilteration percentage, urls, link text etc etc, the major way to market your business on the web is all but buried in the heap.

The number one secret about search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) in itself, is worthless. So, your website is perched nicely at number one, you’re getting a hundred visitors a day, life is looking up. However, a close look at your web stats shows that out of the hundred hits you get, the average visit to your site lasts about 3 seconds and noone comes back.

A search engine expert can do everything in their power to trick Google into convincing web surfers that your website is where it’s at, but all they are doing is tricking an algorhythm, people are a lot more difficult.

So what can you do? 

The web is like the perfect marketplace, there are just so many options and no real barriers so you have to actually be what you want people to believe you are. You do this through content, because no matter how many thousands of people you manage to get to your site, not a single one will stick around unless they like what you have to say.

It may seem like a hassle to have to regularly take the time to maintain your website, that’s why you hired a web designer right? Well, not really. We’re here to help you present your business on the web, but you must do the presentation.

But what do I write about? 

  • Any updates about your product/service
  • Things that are happening in your industry
  • Satisfied customer profiles
  • Industry news – things you take for granted, but what may be novel for your visitors.
  • News from within your business (new employee, awards etc)

As with anything, the more you do it, the easier it gets. The web is not a place for hardened structure either, have a few people writing updates to share the workload and bring in fresh perspectives. Not only will Google like you and therefore make your website easier to find, once found, your visitors will like you too.


People are Impatient and No-one Looks at Screens

I’ve just been over at The site is mainly targeted at web designers themselves, but I think a few pages at least are good value for anyone looking at getting a new website designed. Obviously a web designer is never going to expect you to be an expert in site creation, but it’s always good to have a healthy understanding of the rules behind one of your biggest marketing channels.

People are Impatient. 

Maybe I am repeating myself, but this is one of the most overlooked design rules in the history of the internet. People Are Impatient gives you a very good background as to why this is the case.

Noone Looks At The Screen. 

Even reading this article made my eyes start to hurt. There are so many reasons why people hate looking at screens, this is why computer geeks end up wearing glasses and why you should always have a site designed for your users not for your personal design preferences.

Writing Good Copy 

This is more important for the average person. Keeping your content fresh is one thing, creating content that your visitors will want to read is a tad more tricky. Here’s some more tips about writing for the web


Small Business Accounting Please

We are desperately seeking a good web based accounting system a la Net Accounts but that caters to NZ GST rules.

We want it to be:

  • Simple
  • Intuative
  • able to upload bank statements
  • Avaliable online from anywhere
  • Immediately.

Most small businesses seem to have to make do with MYOB or suchlike, and this was a problem we tried to address by building evolutionone, however then, and now we fail to find an accounting system aimed at normal, average small-medium business owners.

Is this not a job for the web 2.0 crowd? Is it not much needed? We have searched what seems like the entire web and everything we have found is either aimed at accountants, enterprise size or limited to part of the accounting process.

Anyone know anything or want to build this obviously much needed tool?

Decisive Flow Website Go Live!

Our new website is live! Visit us at


Decisive Flow - How People Choose You



After a few hitches with good old IE, we’ve decided to quit perfecting and get ourselves out there. Obviously, we will be tweaking it a bit over the next little while (like any website, it is a work in progress) but would love to hear any comments/critisms, so feel free to post a comment or email us.

Smarter Browsing with Firefox

Get Firefox!

If you use the internet for periods longer than 2 minutes, and the word ‘Firefox’ conjures up images of a small furry animal in a painful situation, then you really need to read on. The fact that everyone should use Firefox is just such a given in our minds, we forget the need to give it a plug until we check our website stats to find most of you are coming at us from Internet Explorer. Yes, we know it is the default browser installed on your computer, but take 5 minutes and download the free Firefox browser and be forever self-congratulary (and congratulated by the 140807183 people already converted).

Reasons to Make the Shift 

  • Your web designer will give you a hug for taking them one step closer to a world where Microsoft’s infuriating insistance on not conforming to web standards wont matter.
  • You will notice that browsing the web is actually a fairly fast experience
  • You can add some super extensions to make browsing ever so much more fun.
  • It’s free
  • You will be supporting an open community of developers and people who don’t believe that massive all-powerful corporations are necessarily a good thing.

Get Firefox now:

Get Firefox!

And if you’ve already got it, don’t forget to upgrade to version 1.5 :)