Missing Wingman Trust: First Annual Palmy Variety Show

Many of those who visit this blog may think we’ve been sitting on our hands all year (apparently updating our portfolio is last on my to-do list), however, one note-worthy recent release is the Missing Wingman Trust.

For those who don’t live in NZ, we’ve lost quite a few servicemen in the last couple of years. The numbers may seem small on a global level, but in a village like our country, there’s not that many unaffected by their loss.

The Missing Wingman Trust has been established for the families of those lost in the Airforce. It’s not all about money, or any fixed set of deliverables, but a group of people who want to show their support for the families left behind.

Something many of us don’t realise is that those lost in the line of duty aren’t covered as well as you would expect. There is no Government subsidy for the families who are left without a primary breadwinner, outside of the usual ACC payments. The Missing Wingman Trust hopes to provide a little more, from people offering to mow lawns, or contribute to hampers during the hard time, through to supporting children through school.

This weekend is one of their first major fundraisers. I know it’s late notice, but if you are in Palmerston North tonight, head along. There’s some good acts lined up, and it’s a nice way of showing that we haven’t forgotten. If you have any other ideas or anything you can offer to help out, let them know!