Internet Killed the Radio Star

We were talking to some radio people the other day about potential advertising. 'Time to broaden our marketing horizons' we thought, quite proud of ourselves for thinking outside the internet.

We get all our customers from word of mouth and our blog, so the concept of paying for marketing is something that causes me to grit my teeth. But we kept an open mind. We asked questions about 'the creative', about timing and spacing our slots, business listenership, return on investment and all those good things.

Then we asked them why we should go with them over other networks, the answer:

"Because we run your ads on the internet now"

I have to say it because it's been bugging me for days: who buys radio ads to get on the internet?? Also, as a strong believer in word of mouth, hearing that we could buy ad space where a 'trusted and respected radio personality' would talk positively about our product really rubbed me up the wrong way.

Nice people, but marketing has so moved on.