How Websites are Developed

I am often amazed at how many people view their website as a necessary hassle. It appears that not a lot of thought is put into the process by businesses embarking on a new website, they seem to view their webiste as being outside their overall marketing strategy.

We are often struggle to get input from our customers, I think people still view websites as pretty graphics and splash pages not as extremely useful marketing tools. Many people are skeptical about the solid benefits of a web presence, and they have every right to be, given the history of the web is dotted with the splash paged, graphic laden, content poor sites described above. However, a website that is virtually your business represented on the web can offer incredible results.

Recently, we saw the results of a good collaborative relationship with a customer. We worked with the team at Southport Health Club to redesign their website. Their policy is to offer a free trial to all potential members and immediately, they were receiving about 5 enquiries a day from new customers – the numbers are incomparible to any other form of marketing they currently use.

The difference between their old website and the new one was the massive improvement in content and a site design that we were able to create to make the content really work.

Basically, like everything, if you’re going to do it, do it well. Don’t flick your web designers a 10 year old word document that we’re supposed to decipher and translate into a successful site, plan to spend some time, and bask in the glow of success.