Getting back on (the running) track

tumblr_mm1nk5dtIk1rrjjxto1_500I recently had to confess to a friend that these days that I am a runner by name only. Moving to the ‘burbs and quitting the gym was always going to be a weak point in my motivation. Now its dark when I wake up, it’s REALLY hard to fight the internal battle of bed vs freezing cold, dark pavement pounding.

I REALLY struggle with motivation and I used to think I was alone. But several conversations later, I realise that everyone is in the same boat and the only difference between those who do and those who don’t is the ability to get on the shoes and walk out the door. Seems like a simple enough task, but man oh man walking to my wardrobe can be the hardest few steps of my day.

So I entered the Queenstown Half Marathon. I’ve done two half marathons before, slowly and when I was much fitter than now… But this time, I want to do it in 2 hours. I know that seems slow, but for me, that’s quite snappy.

Im two runs into my new training programme and it’s the first time I’ve actually followed one. Im starting with the 10km programme. I think I can probably run 10kms happily anyway, but when I wake up in the morning the first few times the 3km target feels way less of a commitment, and I think it’s important to get into the routine.

If anyone else is int he same boat, and wants to keep tabs on each other. Im keen. I need all the help I can get at this stage.

8 thoughts on “Getting back on (the running) track”

  1. Keeping tabs with Runkeeper has helped me improve. Previously I had no idea if I was getting any faster or not.

    Keep it up!

  2. Cant do it. By then I am excellent at excuses. Got to go before Im awake enough to know what Im doing. Also running int he morning seems so hard that when I do longer weekend runs, they feel easier. (I think?)

  3. Nat, I wish i lived in Wellington! I would defo be your AM running alarm clock and come out with jogging. My queenstown half training has started too ( entered!)… training weekends? great tunes keeps me going in the mornings!

  4. Yes we could do another Fat Camp! In Taupo or somewhere halfway. Maybe in September we can go and do a weekend of running and hot pools!

  5. Walking to the wardrobe IS hard… so always put your clothes next to your bed ready to go. Swing legs out, socks on, shorts/tights pulled on as you stand up etc.

    Or get a dog – they are motivated all. the. time.

  6. Fat camp- Taupo&hot pools – september= keen. Lets do it!
    So agree saree- clothes on in morning is hardest part. Clothes need to be in very close distance of the roll out of bed!

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