Finding your way through the Blogosphere

If you are barely familiar with the word ‘blog’ and feel like this RSS thing is over your head, but you’re thinking that this all sounds very cool, then you probably want a quick rundown of how the blogosphere works. This is a very basic overview for people extremely new to the area, don’t expect any blogging revelations here!

Browsing other People’s Blogs 

A lot of people now read blogs instead of newspapers. They offer a more realistic and wholistic view on current events because you get a thousand different perspectives – some from right within the action, and virtually no one relies on their blog for their income – so they feel no pressure to keep the advertisers happy. In recognition of this, many services have cropped up to show you the most talked about stories and allow you to search for topics that interest you.

Good Blog Search Engines/ Trackers to get you started

Evntually, you may find that your browser bookmarks are full of blogs you regularly enjoy visiting, and you waste a lot of time having to go to each site to see if the blog has been updated,

This is where Blog Aggregators/ Blog Readers Come In 

There are quite a lot of blog readers cropping up. A while ago we profiled netvibes, which is a blog reader intergrated into a bunch of other cool applications, other popular ones are:

 How Blog Readers work

Basically, when you sign up to one of these services you will get your own page where all the blogs you have subscribed to will show up. From this one place, you can monitor all your favourite blogs and stay informed. 

 How to subscribe to blogs

You may notice at the right of this blog there is a ‘subscribe to this feed’ button rss icon. This uses RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Most blogs these days have a similar button, all you need to do is click on it and put the url in the relevent input box in your blog reader.

 Some additional services

Because blogging is so popular there is a service for virtually anything you could possibly desire. Found a blog you like and want to know about similar blogs? go to Blogcode. Have you become an avid commenter? Track your conversations in one place at cocomment.