Embracing Passion

When you get into business, you have to be passionate about the product or service that you provide. Crazily passionate. Otherwise the long nights, lack of social life and constant stress will eventually overpower the reasons why you decided to go it alone in the first place. You want to be so passionate about it that you convince other people that they should care about it too, enough to buy it and talk about it constantly with everyone they know.

Embracing Passion With Free Hugs 

I heard a story today about ’embracing’ passion that struck a chord. The story is about a man, Juan, who began standing on the street offering free hugs, thus sparking a mass movement of huggers, group hugs, flying skateboard hugs, hugs through car windows and strangers smiling and laughing. When someone tried to make offering free hugs illegal, the movement grew even further and included a petition with 10,000 signatures.

How is this About Marketing? 

he has created customer evangalists worldwide and sparked a whole new craze. Granted, the hugs were free, however Juan recognised what people are passionate about and offered it to them. Simple. But the results are incredible, this guy is all over the news, YouTube and the blogosphere, he has created customer evangalists worldwide and sparked a whole new craze. Don’t you wish your business had that kind of impact?

While Juan was satisfying the passions of his customers, a member of an Australian band, Sick Puppies happened to notice the hugging action and film it. He turned it into a video clip for one of the Sick Puppies songs. That video clip has now had over 2.5 MILLION views on YouTube. I think that band is greatly benefiting for recognising what their customers are passionate about and giving it to them.