Breaking the 40 minute barrier

So I did Round the Bays on Sunday in a NEW PERSONAL ROUND THE BAYS BEST TIME of 39.57 minutes.

Over the years ‘Team Ferguson and Tag Alongs’ has grown and morphed and be believe that this year was our best yet. The 7km run was completed without any walking by all of us (except Ingo, who apparently needed a toilet break half way – but still managed to beat the rest of our times)

The organisers are claiming the recession is the cause of a fall in numbers (only 9,000 this year), but the weather put on a great show, as per usual. And as per usual (post Jerry’s participation) we all looked longingly at the hamburgers coming out of the Telecom tent and were amazed and shocked NOT to see ourselves on the leaderboards.

Unlike normal, dad and Francie both played a starring role on the crowd photo on the homepage of the Dom Post. You could also see my shoulder if you look hard enough.

So now we’re in training for the 10km ‘race’ that Claire gave me a training schedule for on my birthday (WORST PRESENT EVER), in the hope that this great quarter century year wont leads to a great increase in waistlines :)

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