Are you obsessed with your internet friends?

The guys at Read Write Web just wrote a post discussing the tendency to become obsessed with WHY people who you have never met, never will meet and know only through internet applications like Twitter, UNFRIEND you.

In real life, we have it easy. There are only so many mistakes you can make.

But on the internet, especially if you are into joining every social networking application you come across, you could wind up with severe emotional issues as to why and how you became so uninteresting, random strangers no longer want to ‘follow’ you.

I know I fight the urge to frantically read through all recent posts if my total reader numbers dip a little. I am convinced I can change for you. Become a better, more interesting, more exciting person if only you would come back and be my friend.

I have so far managed to get over it, but it does raise a good, if somewhat amusing point! As displayed in RWW, our obsessions with internet friends is clearly leading to a downward spiral that may spread into REAL WORLD INTERACTION (see below)

Why did you unfriend me

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