A quiet half marathon…

So, this weekend just been, my crazy little sister and I decided that given we successfully ran 13kms a couple of weeks ago, we may as well go for 21.

So off we went and ran 21.5kms on Saturday (yes that 0.5 extra is very important to me).

There were no land-speed records broken, it took us nearly 2.5 hours. But in our defense, we finished with a 6km (slight) uphill climb from Island Bay to Brooklyn and I really did not feel the need for speed.

As with all my fitness achievements though, instead of everyone I know patting me on the back and giving me the rest of the year off, I just get sent hopeful links to even more extreme activities.

So for anyone who needed it, this is proof that life isn’t fair :)

But also, that when you are feeling a bit off-kilter, the best possible thing you can do is push yourself and feel like you’ve achieved something pretty cool on an otherwise ordinary Saturday.

Boom! I’ve felt awesome veer since!

3 thoughts on “A quiet half marathon…”

  1. We have started training for the Aussie Ultra already! No need to keep it secret Nat – the support will be great for us! :)

    Aint no deadly animals going to get in OUR way….

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