A Little Bit of National Pride

I spent Waitangi day and Saturday at the Wellington Rugby Sevens.

For all those not in the know, the Wellington Sevens event is one big 40,000 person strong dress up party that goes on around some rugby games that no one really pays attention to.

To an outsider, the concept seems a little unusual, and let’s be honest, only in New Zealand would you find a nation of men who have the motivation to spend months preparing their dresses and high heels (Or Pamela Anderson outfits)…

Sevens 80-’s wedding party

The costumes have become so outrageous that you can’t actually tell the real police from the fake ones, and the S.W.A.T teams running around could be anyone and as the booze levels rise and the costumes get a little scraggly towards the end of sat, it’s not a rare occurrence to see a cave man getting friendly with a fairy.

So we lost the final game, our spirits dwindled a little until we realised we didn’t care and then everyone trawled on mass through town to party the night away.

If you ever want to witness a little NZ national pride, head along next year and listen to 40,000 people warble along to great kiwi classics and witness our combined decision to boo the Aussies and cheer the Kenyans. :)

5 thoughts on “A Little Bit of National Pride”

  1. Great photo I agree Amy

    Nice Gams there too for a youngster.

    As I spend Friday giving my daughter away at her wedding, and Saturday recovering and subsequently re-living, the excesses of Friday with my extended (or is that extensive? I can’t work out which is which anymore) family, I was not at the Sevens this year, for the first time in 10 years! However, I’m delighted to see thatr you adopted my theme for the year (wedding) and, by the look of it, has as gooda time as we did :-)

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