Work hours are work hours

I am bogged down at work.

I also have a wedding in the family in two weeks.

One thing that has become increasingly obvious is my inability to sit down for a full work day and get stuff done without 1-2 hours taken up with people popping in, asking quick favours etc etc for non work-related tasks.

So last week I had to start being tough with myself, no more quickly ringing around 10 people, or researching something or setting something up or even answering questions. Work hours are for work only.

I have quickly come to realise how bad I am at this because I notice just how much stuff I do that doesn’t lead to work getting done.


1. If I seem somewhat more rude and less able to do stuff for you in the near future, it’s not for any reason other than I’m too busy
2. I have to get better at saying ‘no’!

2 thoughts on “Work hours are work hours”

  1. I know that feeling and sympathise big time, esp as my rep is built on being available and having answers. And that reputation brings in work/money. So I guess it depends on how you define ‘work’. As a business owner its as much “work” to respond to non-right-now-project related stuff as it is actually DOING the right-now-project stuff. OK wedding organising might be a little far off the radar but it all comes back to you eventually. They tell me. :-)

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