Why I Hate MYOB

After a day of Minding My Own Business, I am starting to wonder if MYOB is almost a joke. Someone, somewhere must be laughing, because someone, somewhere is making a fortune off crummy OLD software that disobeys virtually every usability and design rule ever created, and not in a good way.


I now have massively increased respect for the battles Tim has faced in the past when getting our accounts into order. The only reason I even signed up for a trial was that we have such faith in web 2.0 that we've been patiently waiting for a solution while our accounts sit patiently waiting to get done, and we're at a point that it's now or business finance disorganisation forever more.

I would like to bitterly and sarcastically 'thank': 

  • web 2.0 for sticking to your tag clouds and not building something with a little practical use
  • MYOB for using my all-time most despised  marketing lies to sell a sub standard product to small business owners.

5 thoughts on “Why I Hate MYOB”

  1. Amen. And if you’ve had the pleasure of Quickbooks, you’ll know its just as bad.

    What irritates me the most is how its completely and utterly disconnected from a task-based UI, especially as 80% (at least) of its users will only touch it at most once a month.

    grrrrr (the pain is recent).

  2. I once had a friend say to me, No offense (since I was an accountant) but the problem with this accounting software is that it was *designed by an accountant*. He was talking about a particular front-office interface to the firm’s sales order entry system. I was in fact offended at the time but in the intervening 20 years I’ve found his underlying assertion to be essentially correct: Accountants are control freaks who (left to their own devices) write bloated software systems with overly cumbersome data entry controls.

    It looks like http://www.objacct.com is developing nice accounting SaaS though (but, unfortunately, with seemingly more of a middle-market focus). And, unfortunately, I must also say it doesn’t look as nice as EvolutionOne did!

  3. We try to stay away from Microsoft as much as possible, due to past experiences of being ripped off for bad software ;)

    This is just a trial version so I'm not sure we'll stick with it, hopefully something pops up in the next three months… 

  4. After a year struggling with QuickBooks, and then a year wrestling with MYOB, I started using a book keeper, just to firewall me from such poorly designed software.

    This has its own frustrations since my business is tiny, and I could easily manage my own accounts if I had software that was easy to use and understand.

    There’s no pressure on MYOB to improve its product. MYOB earns significant revenue from charging quite a bit for telephone support and training courses, so why would they want to make it easier to use?

    One big problem with building a web 2.0 small business accounting platform would be that accounting practice and tax law varies so much from country to country. A product developed for one market would be unusable anywhere else. That limits the customer growth and revenue for the developer.

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