We made the news!!!

Yesterday’s human-powered number 350 on Parliaments lawn, was, in my opinion, a resounding success.

Initially, it appeared that the failure to attract 350 kids was going to be a major disappointment. It’s very difficult to appear as the voice of NZ youth, when many youth would rather race home to their tv’s than get involved in politics (democracy in action!). However it was awesome to see how seriously our politicians took the crowd.

New Zealand is indeed turning into a global laughing stock on the climate change issue. While several politicans still regard their attendance at these events as nothing more than a photo shoot, I was impressed at how happy they were that we managed to gather a crowd, spell out 350 and explain how we felt it was important to reduce Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere down to this life sustaining level.

Many news cameras arrived, and due to (we’ll I’m claiming this anyway) my gagging motions in the background when Nick Smith sat down to discuss climate change for the cameras, they winded up focusing on the good stuff and not the posers. Ok the segment was at the end of the TV3 news last night, but that’s still pretty good if you ask me.

As everyone left, Verity and I found a cardboard sign floating around the lawn and felt it would be a valuable addition to our Decisive Flow memorabilia wall. Unfortunately, we had found the one sign that didn’t proclaim ‘down with climate change’

350 movement