This week’s favorite reads

Depression isn’t at all like sadness.

I think this article is the best description of depression Ive ever read. Ive never had it, but have struggled to figure out how to support people with it… And now realise the reason we all get it so wrong is because we really do not understand what it is.

I have some vague idea of that numb feeling. My early twenties were full of the kind of exhausting, overwhelming stress that did actually leave me feeling numb. I remember feeling confused when people complained about every day issues, how they had capacity to actually care enough to feel anything about things so trivial. Now, thats all I do have to worry about, I can look back and have a glimmer of understanding of how it feels to not be able to feel. The difference being, I wasn’t depressed. I had an end point, I had an exit strategy.

So while the article sort of says there is nothing you can do, I wonder if understanding the illness a little more may lead to doing less harm in our attempts to be a friend.

Strong is the new skinny.

Another Facebook friend posted this article. It really struck a chord when I realised how little emphasis we place on the beauty of strong, fit girls. The skinny obsession has always bewildered me. Every time I pack on the pounds, its not my size that freaks me out, its how unfit I feel, how weak. Every time I lose a bit of weight, I very quickly stop caring about thinness, and very quickly start tracking the speed I run, the weights I can lift and (like on Sunday) how AWESOME it is to go for a run with a friend, and yap the whole way, feeling awesome.

The overwhelming vibe I get from the article is that the focus on skinniness is overwhelming negative, while the focus on strength could change the way girls perceive themselves and others perceive us forever.