This is what the future looks like…

GoinGreenSometimes you come across a really inspiring company, that embraces and captures everything web 2.0, customer orientation and innovation so completely, you have to pause and admire them.

G-wiz is The future of everything cool 

Leopard CarGoinGreen sells small electric cars CHEAP to commuters in London and they do it at a profit. By being smarter, better and more passionate than everyone else, these guys have produced the top selling electric cars in the world, while creating a devoted customer base. 

How they did it  

1) GoinGreen Really (and I mean REALLY) embraced word of mouth, selling 600 'G-wizz' cars "without dealers, showrooms, advertising, or sales staff." They did it by thinking outside the accepted square.

  • If you want to test drive a car, simply arrange a meeting and they will come to you.
  • Their cars are mini land-marks – with beautiful (tacky?) animal prints they can't help but stand out in a crowd.
  • It's a club. People who buy these cars enter the club, have get togethers, tell stories, have rallys…

2) Serving a very targeted audience. Sadly, these cars would not sell in NZ, but they are perfect for Londoners:

  • G-wizz cars wont go fast or far, but commuters in London don't need either.
  • London has massive road charges, it looks like about 20 pounds a day before you even think about buying petrol. G-wizz cars reduce that cost to 0, while allowing you to get the cheapest insurance policy available and offering a 100% tax write down for businesses.

3) Redefining the concept of investing in a car

  • 1,000 pounds requires a lot of thought. 5,000 pounds requires a lot less.  Add to that the annual saving made by going electric and you will pay off your car in no time at all.
  • Bringing car sales into the world of e-commerce. Yes people will pay a 1000 pound deposit online if you ask them to.

4) Selling their souls. These guys have put their heart and soul into these cars, and doing their bit to give this planet breathing space. In everything they write and every interaction they have, their passion oozes out. Seriously, the best way to get people excited is to be the most extreme, the most evangalistic believers in the benefits of your product.

Saving the World the Practical Way

Tiger CarIt's a tough challenge to move several billion mindsets and get us thinking seriously about our combined impact on the world. Faced with a car market that is dominated by massive dinosaurs, who would have thought a couple of guys banding together with no marketing budget, a revolutionary approach to sales and a product that ignores everyone who says it's too hard and IS 100% carbon neutral would stand a chance?


5 thoughts on “This is what the future looks like…”

  1. Great post! Great cars! Great company, too.

    “Seriously, the best way to get people excited is to be the most extreme, the most evangalistic believers in the benefits of your product.”

    Well said. The Love has gotta start with YOU. Nice.

  2. I’m seriously thinking about geting one of this adorable cars,we have to start with something, to take care of our planet!….right?.
    This is one of the best ways……
    I have been looking for sales with in the U.S but i can’t find any. Can you tell me who can i contact or where to go to get one of this little cars with in the U.S?????? THANKS!!!!

  3. Hey Nati, Wish I could but it appears they are only in London. Maybe you could give them a call/email and ask if they know anyone else? I know the cars they sell are sold elsewhere, but they're definately not sold over here in NZ (from what I can see)

    Good luck… Would love to hear your feedback once your've made the purchase! 

  4. Some people in Taiwan would completely fall in love with a car such as this. Low running costs will be a major consideration and the limited distance per charge should be no problem to many city dwellers in some of the most densely populated cities on earth. Can we get this car in Taiwan any time soon? The Prius is nice, I have one, but it’s too expensive for most people for it to be practical.

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