Staring Blankly at My Screen

I have had a lot of conversations recently with people who I really respect, who have businesses I really admire.

They re all the types who help other people understand their business and grow it.

But all of them agree, when it comes to your own business, it is a million times harder to put what you do into a sentence.

Which is probably why, when faced with writing a one-pager about what we do this morning, I am instead staring blankly at my screen.

4 thoughts on “Staring Blankly at My Screen”

  1. Try

    “We create a presence on the Internet for our clients that their current and future customers love to visit”

    Isn’t it tragic that the Ministry of Education think the time for Shakespeare in schools is past? This is the man who, using just three words (a rose is) taught millions the efficiency possible in our language.

  2. Yes, the elevator test… (explaining your offering before the lift stops).

    I propose it comes not when in front of your computer screen, but most likely when you’re dis-engaged and/or breathing fresh air.

    Strings, re: Shakespeare, I read an interesting letter from an English teacher yesterday in the Dom. She loves Shakespeare and sees it as a non-issue. It’s good to know Shakespeare isn’t going anywhere, just being removed from formal assessment. She believes it’ll be better now that her and her students can simply enjoy Shakespeare in the classroom, rather than being restrained by narrow assessment guidelines.

  3. I try to leave the pitches up the the people with better marketing skillz, but there is no way I’m ever going to memorise the one they came up with – so doing it yourself is good.

    I went through a consultative re-branding at the previous employer, and the creative process involved is draining – but just start with lots of keywords – the sentences naturally form from there. I recall questions like “What kind of towel/bus ride/shampoo/etc would your company be” as a catalyst for keyword generation.

    Day job elevator pitch my version “I work for the people that run Homeland Security in the US” coupled with “and we provide geospatial information systems to over 60 countries around the world. In NZ we service and support nationwide critical communications infrastructure”
    Marketing one has a few too many long words.

    Other jobs have shorter ones. “we utilise technology connect physical and network communities” “provide content delivery systems”
    “run a nationwide digital short movie competition for schools and hobbyist movie-makers, to spark the creativity innate in every NZder”
    and for UP our vision is to
    “Inspire and connect young, and young at heart, like-minded individuals associated with the Information and Communications Technology industry to recognise their potential and take action.”

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