Some job hunting advice

I’ve never applied for a ‘proper’ job, the thought terrifies me. I have, however, looked to hire people and it’s really funny what stands out.

We’re currently looking for another designer (Please send me an email if you’re interested but only after reading this post!)

1. Only apply for stuff you’re interested in

The number of people who come to you saying ‘I’m actually a developer/architect/animator/print designer and I’m not really interested in a future in the web, but you know, I’ll give it a try.’ Seriously? Yeah, sure, I’m going to pay you to sit around putting in a half hearted effort while you wait for your dream job to come along.

I’m not saying don’t apply for something that’s slightly outside of your experience, I just mean please be interested in a future in that job. The above not only makes you look dis-interested, it demotes what we do to something that anyone can just have a go at for a while.

2. Have a portfolio

We hire a lot of students and the people who immediately stand out are people who have gone out and done something! The number of people who apply using examples of uni projects as their sole case study astounds me. Surely if you enjoy something (like the web) you’ll be making sites for yourself, blogs, doing stuff for friends – actually experiencing what the web is about. I don’t know how anyone can be sure they are interested in something if they have never even tried it.

I guarantee you, one project of your own that shows you have put some time of your own into figuring stuff out is gold. Not many people do it.

3. Don’t be shy

After sounding like I’ll reject anyone who doesn’t come with masses of experience, I’m going ot turn that on it’s head. I know some people are brilliant at what they do without any experience, I also know hiring students means hiring inexperienced people… But I wont hire you based on your work. I distinctly remember every single person we’ve hired and why we chose them. The enthusiasm was there. Everyone was genuinely interested in what they were applying for. They weren’t afraid to get their opinion across, they weren’t scared of leaping in and giving something a go – even if it initially seemed scary. These are the types of people who make a small business work. They make coming to work fun and exciting – and that’s why we’re in it.

Do some research

Seriously, we’re plastered all over the internet, you can find out everything about us through this blog, our website and where we hang out. There is no excuse to meet us without having even looked around… It’s kind of insulting. It’s such an easy way to make a good impression. When someone comes to me for any reason and says ‘hey I read your blog, I liked/disliked what you said about this’ or ‘I really liked the look of that website, it suits my style’, I think that you have actually thought seriously about how you’d fit in. So, so easy and no one really seems to do it.

Anyway, we are looking for a web designer, someone who enjoys a fairly intense but exciting workplace, where we will look after you and get you involved in super cool projects that span many areas of the web… We wont make you work fixed hours and will give you plenty of freedom to create, but demand that you are as interested as we are in making the web a simple, easy place to navigate.

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