Smarter Time Tracking with 88 Miles

A while back I wrote about Harvest, an excellent web based time tracking tool.


However, after a few weeks of using it, I noticed one small but serious flaw: I use time tracking so that I don't have to think about how much time I spend on various projects because the tool is doing to job for me. However, Harvest requires you to write in your total hours – invariably you end up having to use scraps of paper to write down when you started and finished, then do the calculations yourself and type in the final number. For the tremendously organised or mathematical, this is a none issue, but for the likes of me, it meant giving up on time management.

88 Miles


88 Miles solves that problem. With a 'punch in' 'punch out' system, you simply click a button when you start working on a project, then click another one when you've finished. It does the rest for you. 

88 Miles is very, very simple; you add companies, projects and then click the relevent start/finish buttons as you make your way through the workday. And this guy 'eats his own dog food' – 88 Miles was made to sort out his own time management issues, and he's giving it away for free.


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  1. hi there,

    One thing I’d like to point out is that while Harvest did not start out with a time-tracker a couple months ago, it was always on the radar and a month ago, we updated it with a real-time time-tracker! You can find this under the daily entry screen. This is how we keep track of our time throughout the day (no paper or other logging tools needed)

    You can get more details here


  2. Thanks Danny,

    Sorry for not going to check up on you guys – I figured with such a wonderful tool you'd probably add that functionality ASAP. Like the stopwatch idea – a bit of a kick up the butt when you're slowing down and see those minutes ticking by :)

  3. Hey Nat,

    Thanks for the kind words! The aims of 88 miles was to keep the time tracking and reporting as simple as possible. Although it’s focus is quite different to some of the other products out there, it’s simplicity is what makes it.

  4. Yep, I've just got to keep remembering to punch out – I arrived this morning to find I've been working all night on a project… I've been making good use of the 'edit time' option ;)

  5. Great tool, thanks guys. I find that I work in short blocks of time, with some tasks for clients taking only a few minutes. So, it’s good to be able to add all those little bits together easily. It’s also good to audit how you spend your time outside of direct work for clients. There’s a surprising amount devoted to eating biscuits!

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