Small Business Marketing Tailored to Your Needs

A lot of our customers don't have marketing strategies. This has caused a few issues with web design as we struggle to see how we can deliver sites that generate new business when the base we are working on is non existant. So Decisive Flow have expanded our services. 

Small Business Marketing/Branding 

Small businesses are unique and they have unique needs. It appears that the big marketing guys just aren't interested unless your business bank account is bottomless, which leaves small businesses with the option of a do-it-yourself quickly generated marketing strategy… or….?

This gap in services is actually quite convenient because we love branding and our customers are loving our integrated approach.

And it makes sense for small business budgets, our customers get a tailor made small business marketing strategy which we build upon to create a revenue generating web presence -all in one simple package. 

On the subject of small business marketing, this blog post about the best way to spend a $1000 marketing budget will only get more interesting as the discussion continues (don't forget to read the comments!)


2 thoughts on “Small Business Marketing Tailored to Your Needs”

  1. Congratulations on a smart decision. This sounds like a well-reasoned expansion of your business. Here’s to all the best of success! Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the support – and the mention in your blog. Really enjoy reading Small Biz Survival!

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