Freedom To VS Freedom From

There have been a lot of things happen recently to spark the internal debate about what’s more important… Someone’s right to express how they think and feel, or someones right to be protected from the repercussions of that. One of the very few pearls of wisdom I learned at Uni was the difference and importance […]

Million dollar mouse: Flower Power donates $1,000

Thanks to all our Flower Power customers. On your behalf, we just donated $1,000 to eradicate mice off the Antipodes Islands, which matched dollar for dollar by Gareth and Jo Morgan, means thats $2k towards the million dollar target. We think its a pretty awesome cause, and love the fact that instead of thinking the […]

Back to square one.

Im not sure how it happened, but after a great patch of running several times a week, and doing some good distances in weekends, sometime round the very end of last year… I lost all enthusiasm. I think the fact that when I was running, I was running for at least an hour started to […]


The only line that comes to my head is from Chicken Little or some children’s book “The sky is falling” I remember this time last year, happily getting on with life post earthquake one. I remember seeing the first tweet saying something was happening in Christchurch, followed by a steady stream reporting death and destruction. […]

Being a country our Olympians are proud to represent.

Just over a week ago, I was seething at a headline reading “Valerie loses the Olympic Shotput Final”. It was a disgraceful and totally inaccurate title for an article about how our much admired Olympic champion from 2008 won the silver medal in London. That Val’s longest throw was 5cms longer than what won […]

The Heretic: Surprising, smart and a GREAT read.

Turns out that while I sit wallowing in my anxiety about my life decisions, some of my friends are doing productive things, like writing books. While I have no shame in admitting that regardless of whether or not this book was utter rubbish, I’d still pitch it to everyone I know… I genuinely found it […]

How to accidentally stop blogging

So life got pretty busy there for a while… And suddenly it’s halfway through the year. Apparently the way to stop blogging, is to not do it one day… or the next, and rinse and repeat until eventually, it feels very weird to be back. It’s been a crazy year. My attempt to go it […]

It’s just too easy to assume there’s only good and evil

I have struggled to stop thinking about that poor wee girl who was attacked in a New Zealand campground late last year. For everyone overseas, her family was travelling around NZ, her parents had nipped next door, and a teenage boy had broken into their caravan and attacked her so badly she required hours of […]

Webstock. Go next year.

Disclaimer: It occurred to me as I was wondering if I needed to pack my own lunch, that I had never, until late last week, been to an actual real life conference. This means I have nothing to compare Webstock to, though anecdotal evidence suggests that most conferences struggle to contain their participants whereas Webstock […]