No Pulitzer Prize for bloggers

I just read at Seth Godin’s blog that the Pulitzer Prize people have altered the rules so that they effectively ensure that no individual blogger can ever win an award.

I think it’s stupid.

The Pulitzer Prize people have made the same mistake governments make when they ban same-sex marriage, or when anyone tries to use their influence to define who gets in and out. They create a hole in the market.

As more and more people move away from traditional mainstream media sources, all that happens when they are unrecognised is that people move towards other forms of recognition.

There are some spectacular bloggers out there and their numbers are growing by the day. If Pulitzer doesn’t recognise them, then an alternative award system will be setup and Pulitzer will slowly fade into obscurity.

And they deserve it for trying to abuse their power to shape the way people write.

When will people learn that trying to stop the inevitable will inevitably fail and they will be the worse for it. Dumb move.

2 thoughts on “No Pulitzer Prize for bloggers”

  1. It’s simple. Blogs are about tech and so much more IN ADDITION to the writing. The Pullitzer is about the writing. It’s elitist. Of course it is, all awards are and should be so.

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