Manage your Deals and Prospects with Pipeline

SugarCRMWe host our own open source version of SugarCRM as our sales tool, and I must say we have no qualms. In fact it is a jPipelineoy to use and played an important role in evolutionone. However, being the inquisitive creatures that we are, I couldn't help but test out Pipeline and am currently very impressed. 

Talk about fast! And all ajaxy so there seems to be virtually no page reloading at all. It seems to have everything a small business needs to start managing their pipeline so much better – and the one person gang gets the whole thing for free. 

I doubt we will be moving on from SugarCRM just yet, but I love the page layout with the 'general to do's' , maps, files, people and of course the summary. I am trying out the free version, so cannot say how well it handles multiple salespeople and how decent the summaries and reports are. I can say, however, that most small businesses seem to struggle with managing their sales opportunities and Pipeline would be a massive step up for most of them.