Making it cool (or not cool)

I watched the Facebook movie. I’m not sure how ‘true to life’ it was, but I one thing I loved was the focus on how important it is to have something ‘cool’. We talk about ‘building buzz’ and all these other marketing, techie terms for ‘cool’, but it was funny to realise, that at the end of the day, the ONLY thing that matters in a successful web app is how cool it is.

I wonder if that’s actually why the internet took off – it inspired a bunch of people who weren’t traditionally ‘cool’ to create stuff that would send their cool factor to the stratosphere – and indeed being cool seems to be a fundamental reason why we now have Facebook, which is even more funny, given that the main reason people use it is to show off how cool they are.

This realisation was was quickly followed by hearing about how they are now playing Mozart in some of the dodgy areas of Christchurch – apparently the sound is so disgusting to the dregs of society, they move on and stop committing crimes in the area.

This tactic seems to have been wildly successful in ‘un-cooling’ the area significantly enough to massively impact behavior, in much the same way as the founders of Facebook believed ads would affect the site.

I’m not sure what the lesson is here, but it feels like there’s something in that.