Logos Web 2.0 With LogoPond

It's been a while since we profiled a web 2.0 tool. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is the 'stagnation' of the space – Although there are about 5 Basecamp clones launching weekly, the stream of tools that attack different problems is fast turning into a trickle. However, this is not a gripe, because I found one such tool, and I think it's great.


LogoPond Helps you Test Your New Logo

I love how simple it is. You're a small business, your developing a new logo, you can't afford mass market research or hoardes of expert opinions. So you chuck it up on LogoPond and let the community rate your effort (or efforts if you've got a few potential options). This place is full of logo designers, which means expert advice for free – not something you get offered every day. In return, you can't help but rate other logos, or browsing through the site for inspiration.

I f you're feeling particularly brave, push your current logo into the viper nest to see if it's time for an upgrade – or try your competitor's logo for a bit of Monday Morning Sport.


6 thoughts on “Logos Web 2.0 With LogoPond”

  1. It’s amazing how good ideas turn out to be true!
    As far as I have understood, you place your logo there to make a rating. People who come to a site estimate the logos and as a result the logo gets stars.

    Such rating is both a promotion and an estimation of the public. This may help small business owners to make a research at a low cost.

    Thank you for a good link)

  2. Hi,

    Just a bit of feedback.

    I find your links in orange look like some of thoses annoying text ads that insert there links all through your page…


  3. Hey Julia,

    Yep, a lot of our customers have small budgets, which, traditionally means no market research. This is a massive step forward in getting a bit of that process involved within anyones budget, as well as the hype. I know the actual site isn't amazingly technically different, but the idea and the community hold immense value.

    Thanks for your comment anonymous, I can tell you we don't have text ads, so don't worry about clicking, and I will look into the colour thing :)

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone, we are like toothpicks tring to support a log cabin in a hurricane as for us keeping the site up due to traffic :)

    We have just moved to dedicated hosting so hopefully, no more downtime, but getting a few hundred page calls a minute during peek hours can be stressing on any server, so if you are praying people, pray for us lol!

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