Knowing what you’re customers will jump at

I subscribed to the fishpond newsletter a while ago and receive regular updates. It struck me yesterday (while I was giving them my credit card details) that they have their target market sussed.

Fishpond regularly offer the top 100 books or award winning books for 50% off. This is kind of unheard of in NZ. They they email you to let you know. And since the people who subscribe to the emails LOVE books, we all sit there going ‘How can you POSSIBLY pass up a bargain like that?”

So we toddle to the website, where we get excited about exploring other books. We then see the big “Buy $50 of books and get free shipping” message. Since our 50% off book is now something like $15. We now get very excited about the sheer number of books we can buy.

So we browse the site, adding madly to our shopping carts, whip out the old credit card, add in our details and prepare to sit back for the 24 hour wait until our new books arrive.

And THEN they take you to a screen that tells you to signup 3 of your friends to give them a $10 book voucher.

So of course, you do.

Then the next day, you get emails from your friends saying ‘Wow, a $10 book voucher? That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me!”

Which makes you look great and gives Fishpond another 3 addicts.

And the cycle continues.