How to host a hens night

I have spent the past few months organising my sister’s Hens night.

But because I am me and not a normal person, I changed it into more of a Hens Weekend.

When you have 11 people on limited budgets and want to get them all to the Wairarapa to a luxury cottage and wine tour, you end up with many more ‘challenges’ than the typical night. Throw into the mix a bride who I PROMISED to give the best hens night to and the differing ages of the participants (no strippers allowed!), and all the secrets and surprises and in the end, it was quite the nightmare to organise.

Anyway, after a lot of drama, we FINALLY got to Friday night. And while everyone else was at Webstock, we charged into the NZ Post building and kidnapped my unsuspecting sister (with bubbly and embarrassing costume in tow).

And this is where my shock sunk in.

I may be a wine DRINKER, but I am no connoisseur and therefore am unqualified in organising a wine tour. However, I stumbled across Wairarapa Coach Lines, who do the best in job in the world at using their website to HIDE how amazing their service is.

We paid for a shuttle bus and driver and GOT a full tour… Complete with booked spots at vineyards, a bar, a restaurant and an olive grove. All we had to do was drink, eat and be merry from the moment we arrived at Wellington train station on Friday to the moment they dropped us back on Saturday. At each place, they had organised for us to be met by a very welcoming character who filled us in on key information about wine, while merrily pouring waaay too much into our glasses. At every stop, we got something unexpected and ALL of us had a blast because none of us had to worry about anything.

I have honestly never been so shocked at the quality of a service provider. They totally undersell themselves and clearly care deeply about great service and the service they are selling.

If you have an event coming up. Don’t hesitate, just call them.

5 thoughts on “How to host a hens night”

  1. Hi there, this is exactly the sort of thing we are trying to do for our bride. Your link doesn’t work however, are you able to give me a bit more information about this?

  2. Hi there,

    Tragically, it looks like they have sold to Transit coach lines, who could well be as good, but very well may not be. I have no idea.

    If I were you, I’d ring and ask what they do in the way of wine tours, and maybe do a google search or two around wine tours/shuttle hire.

    The other option, which at the time, i thought would be awful, but have since tried in Blenheim, is a cycle tour. I think some of them even pack you lunches, but even if not, most vineyards are close together, and you’re best to only do 3-4 anyway to avoid feeling like you are racing around.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


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