How do you deal with awful, disgusting, and mean things written about you on blogs?

I don’t have the fame or profile required to warrant anyone bothering BUT I was just talking to someone who is concerned that someone has posted pictures and horrible (extremely) untruthful comments about them on a blog.

After a quick look, I think it’s a pretty spammy blog and I’m not even convinced the article makes sense, but I think having your mug smack bang in the center overrides the ability to ignore it… And the person they are ripping apart is pretty (justifiably) upset.

What to do?

I’d tend to ignore it myself, but when you are someone that might get Googled a little and the link is number 4 on page 1, I can imagine leaving it there would be a little soul destroying.

Is there any way you can report the page to some internet god?

Or do you just get active on Facebook, Linked in and any other site that is bound to rise up the Google ranks fairly quickly for your name?

Or do we just have to accept that internet loonies are a part of life now and unless you have the time money/inclination to find out who they are and hunt them down through legal channels, you just ignore it?

One thought on “How do you deal with awful, disgusting, and mean things written about you on blogs?”

  1. Plan A
    Not being a lawyer I would see about getting them served with some sort of defamation. A few dollars on a lawyer and process server could ruin their day :). failing that maybe a dcma on the images they are using ? From what I understand, that can be served to the website host and depending on the country can get the site shut down quickly.

    Plan B
    Go gorilla warfare styles. Wont go into much detail here on that.

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