Getting help from NZTE

I just applied for funding from NZTE for the first time ever.

We are trying to get financial assistance for our upcoming work with Alan to get our strategies straight and documented (and making sense!) for the next few years of growth.

So, one day when I had a spare minute, I started trawling the NZTE site and came across funding applications for the exact stuff we are working on.

I have always sort of thought that we were too small for NZTE to pay attention to, or that the amount of money they gave out was too much (I know that sounds weird) for what we needed. However, they have a bunch of funds available from $3,000 -$6,000 for business development and capability building. The EXACT size of funding a business like ours has the time to apply for and the requirement to use.

After several quick runs across to visit Ruth Mc Davitt at Grow Wellington and ensure I had it all right, I submitted my application. Julie at NZTE looked at it immediately (Literally, we heard from her about 2 hours after she must have received it).

We now have a short wait for the funding process to happen, but it just struck me that a lot of small businesses probably don’t know that sort of support is out there. And this is the kind of stuff that gives us the breathing space to take that time out of the business and work on it. Super cool.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes

    This is exactly the sort of story that the bizchat community needs to hear – I’ve been a proponent of advisory boards (and the SBAB funding for them that NZTE gives) for years

    Massive ups to you for actually doing something about it – I believe it’s one of the NZTE grant streams with really really low uptake


  2. Yup! I was going to post to Bizchat once I know if we got it and also know the full process. So far though, it has not been at all strenuous – and I assume it wouldn’t be if you have a genuine need for the money :)

  3. Hey Nat – it’s great that you’re spreading the word, the funding is there to support NZ businesses and Ben’s right, there is a low uptake vs need.

    Here’s a link that goes straight to the NZTE website where it sets out the ins & outs of the Capability Building grant:

    It’s worth all business folks taking a look any time you’re planning to spend money on advice. This funding can contribute advisory boards, mentors, and even consultants working with you on “planning” projects.

  4. Thanks for the story and link. I think people don’t appreciate the benefit a good advisory board / strategist can give you. You make it sound like they are worth more than you pay to use them.

  5. Yes. Totally.

    I think we’re still pretty small to be signing up for this, (and it is the first big expense we’ve ever really paid for). I decided to go ahead given that the value I got out of the ‘figuring out where we’re at’ stage lead to some fairly significant change in the business and also made all of us a LOT more comfortable about growing (i.e not hiring people who don’t fit in, understanding how to start tracking our key value etc)

    I’m looking forward to the next several months, to see just how much we get out of it.

    Will keep everyone posted on the process of getting funding :)

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