Getting Healthy

I think I have been at the gym for so many months now, I have forgotten to keep count. This has never happened before. Any exercise/health regime I start, I finish well within month counting distance.

Rowan Simpson’s post on weight loss made me think. He is 100% right. The fundamentals of how any of us end up lazy, fat bums is simple: It’s too hard to start and to turn a negative feedback cycle into a positive one.

A few things I have learned in the past couple of months:

  • Think lifestyle change NOT boom and bust When Amy and I first got a PT we specifically said “don’t push us”. If we are in this for the long term, I didn’t actually care if we made bare minimum progress for months, the impressive part was actually getting into a routine where exercise became part of our day. If he set me up with a four day a week schedule initially, I would have quit. 2 weeks ago we demanded one.
  • Get your confidence I used to be quite sporty, I came from an uber sporty family, but somewhere along the lines, I lost my sport confidence. I feel slow and unfit all the time and I was always the slowest, I always COULDN’T do stuff. However, in the past few months, Amy and I have powered through milestones and we have plenty more to achieve. The more we achieve, the more motivated we become. My theory is “you don’t have to be good. if you want to run 10kms, it doesn’t matter if it takes 2 hours, just do it. Next time you can do it faster.”
  • Change your activities This is a toughie for someone who’s idea of a good time virtually always involved wine. BUT last Sunday morning you would have found Amy and I on the treadmills catching up about our weekend. We, as a group have also started to discuss sunday tramps and are all registering for the run swim series and beyond. If you are having fun while exercising, it actually doesn’t feel that bad.

What follows on from all this is a desire to eat better, push yourself further and actually (gasp) start to look forward to achieving something by exercising.

So several months in, I feel better (despite the constant cold) and am starting to wonder if we really have turned over a new leaf!

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