Get Forced into a Fitter Lifestyle with Traineo

When you are a computer geek it is difficult to find the time to leave your computer and get active. Web 2.0 has responded to this dilemma in true web 2.0 style, combining the real world, communities, goal tracking and feedback, all mixed together in simple, fun looking applications that give you that same 'I will really stick with it this time' feel as you get from infomercials.

TraineoWhen Tim from Silverstripe put us onto Traineo, I instantly fell in love. Aside from their magnificent website, what is suprememly cool is the fact that you nominate 4 friends to act as your excercise interrogators – if you fail, they will know and they will taunt you and make you feel like the loser that you are. Excellent. I guarantee you that if you pick the right friends, you are well on your way to the fit, happy lifestyle you've always wanted.


6 thoughts on “Get Forced into a Fitter Lifestyle with Traineo”

  1. Another great work out application I was able to see a demo for recently was Prime Condition.

    Basically it puts a music playlist together for you that keeps you going at the right pace/reps and even tells you what to do. Sweet!

  2. Yes the general concensus between those of us who want to get fit not ‘lose weight’, is that Traineo is focused on the wrong things.

    I love the approach of havng friends push you. But I ain’t a calorie counter!

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