Finding the good in the bad…

Last week, as I was completing the Cape Kidnappers Challenge, the universe, once again conspired to teach myself and my family that life is full of surprises.

While we were meandering up mountains, my little sister took for dog for a walk back in Wellington. The walk ended tragically, with the pup getting overexcited by another dog and bolting several hundred meters, straight across a main road.

While my poor sister watched, he was run over by one car, then hit by the next. I cannot imagine how awful the sight would have been and how horrific it was for everyone involved. It broke my heart to be all the way up the country, with her standing alone on a road with her severely injured puppy crying in pain.

However, he did survive, broken neck and all… and thanks to the kindness of strangers, things weren’t as dire as they initially seemed.

The post crash is apparently a bit of a blur, but the strangers who hit Thor immediately bundled him and Sarah into their car and took them to the closest vet. Then they stuck around most of the morning, taking her from one vet to the next, home to get her stuff (she didn’t even have her phone on her, and no way of contacting any of us)… They even made sure she was aware they’d help her financially if needed.

The people in the first car, in the meantime, got home and proceeded to ring around the vets to hunt her down and exchange numbers so they could keep in touch and hear updates… It was obviously very important to them to make sure Sarah and the dog were ok.

Nearly a week later, and the initial grimm diagnosis has been replaced with an operation and amazing care to the point that the dog is already sitting and is most likely going to make a speedy(ish) and full recovery.

The big lesson we’ve all re-learned, is that the world is full of unexpected events. Some are awful, and sometimes, when you least expect it, other people behave in ways that make you proud to be human. I’ve since heard numerous stories of enraged drivers after hitting animals. While I totally understand the trauma leads to all sorts of reactions, it’s nice to think that when you can’t be there for those you’re closest to, others take on that role with such amazing kindness.