Facebook turns to crimefighting!

Apparently the Queenstown police have now got a Facebook profile. And just when we all gave up hope of Facebook ever being more than a popularity contest, the police are reporting great crime fighting results.

Over 14,000 people viewed a video of some idiot who tried to break into a safe, got hot and then removed his balaclava to unveil his face to the security camera above. He got caught and apparently is still stupid enough to do dumb things in front of cameras.

The Queenstown police report that Facebook has sparked a move back to community spirit, apparently many of us fancy ourselves as amature crime fighters and are now making use of our Facebook browsing time to bring some of the less lawful amongst us to justice.

To be honest, if the Wellington police created an account, I would be addicted. There is a little Nacy Drew in all of us and there is also the potential for many of the videos of their more stupid targets to go viral – who doesn’t like watching dumb criminals caught on tape? I also like the peer pressure element – as soon as you get caught, your mug shot gets removed from it’s publicly humiliating position on Facebook.

Queenstown police

For victims of more minor crimes, such as bike theft, taxi fare evasion etc, who used to face crazy odds against getting justice, this move to the web could well spell a happy ending to their sorry tales. I wonder if it will also significantly cut the cost of catching some perpetrators, and be the first step in making us all a little more vigilant in keeping our streets safe and our citizens honest.

Brilliant idea Queenstown police and super exciting to finally see Facebook adding real value.