Dump your granny’s power company

Since I took over Decisive Flow solo, I have had my eye half open for a cool startup opportunity.

Last last year the perfect one presented itself, and since we already had a team who had spent the past few months discussing working together, we dived in and started our own power company – Power Kiwi.

A bit of background

I hate power companies in the same way that I hate banks and insurance companies and all those old fashioned industries that tie you in to long term contracts that are hard to leave (even if only because of the effort it takes). Once these companies have got you, they CAN up their prices, offer terrible support and leave you feeling miserable but with no other option.


Powershop changes that.

The good people at Powershop wanted to create a electricity marketplace for people like you and me. It started as a shootoff from Meridian (so you can trust that they are legit) and Powershop means you have the power to choose who supplies your house with electricity EVERY TIME you pay your bill. Power Kiwi is one of the first power suppliers on Powershop.

Why i LOVE Powershop

  • I will probably save about $200 a year off my electricity bill
  • Because ALL electricity comes from the same un-differentiated grid, one of our brands (The Green Power Company) is the greenest power I can buy. We offset the carbon emissions that go into creating the electricity to your house.
  • I am part of a group of people who are genuinely revolutionising the way we buy power… for the better, using a model that CAN be pulled across to some other old fashioned markets.
  • You have as much control as you like. Either swap suppliers every time you login or choose one you like for now. If you are even more lazy, you can just leave it to Powershop to give you the cheapest power every month and automatically deduct the amount from your bank. It’s really that simple.

The Powershop marketplace is still early days, they have just launched, some things in the user experience are still being ironed out, but don’t let that put you off. I signed up a while ago now for my house (got to eat your own dog food right?) and was just given $50 free power for my efforts (which you can also take advantage of it you sign up quickly!)

But wait there’s more!

Flower PowerIf you sign up to Flower Power soon with Powerkiwi’s Daisy promotion, you get another $20 off your power bill.

So dump your granny’s power company and take control of your power bill. There’s really no reason not to!

And in case you needed further proof that this is the future, check out Powershop’s twitter page

12 thoughts on “Dump your granny’s power company”

  1. Hmm .. I used just over 8000 KW/h last year. According to the site I can save maybe $30 – $40.

    That doesn’t seem like much!

  2. I suppose that’s the same as me saying ‘I can only save $5 a month off my bank fees by changing account”

    I have never seen the value in spending ANY more money than you have to for nothing. $30-$40 is quite a saving really. :)

  3. You are a superstar. Also, Bruce, remember that signing up now will save you an additional $70 straight away!

  4. OK, let me rephrase … it looks as if this is something that would take quite a lot of time and attention to get the most from, for an annual saving of less than half an hour’s work.

    What I *should* be doing (if anything), is finding out how to get on to a plan that gives cheaper power at night. That presumably requires a second meter, and an upfront cost.

  5. I think that time is one of the current mis-conceptions.

    If you want, ALL you need to do with powershop is signup, enter your direct debit details online and then LEAVE IT. You will be put on the lowest electricity plan and will automatically save money.

    It’s good to hear this stuff though, we can pass on the impressions people are getting :)

  6. Bruce and Nat
    I agree that the message is a bit complex at the moment – I’m struggling with the needless weekly emails (I’d love to be able to switch them off). However I do have mine set on “Buy FlowerPower”, and just leave it in auto-mode – aside from the occasional purchase when demoing.

    The bigger picture is interesting to us though – the more people on board with this, the more leverage Powershop will have over the incumbents, and at so the prices will be pushed lower for Powershop customers and for incumbent customers alike.

    That’s why we at Powerkiwi are doing this – and it is a lot of fun.

    We only have a few hundred people signed up now and we have already seen a competitive response from Contact (12% early payment discount).

    I’d love to see their response when we have 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 customers on Powershop.

    Bruce the fact that you are reading this excellent blog puts you ahead of the average punter – and this is a great chance for early adopters to actually move the entire market.

  7. I’m sure I saw the option to buy overnight power on powershop – was I wrong?

    And in your case Bruce – powershop (i work with youdo sometimes so am a bit of a fanboy) isn’t really for you yet – maybe they’ll optimise for everyone in the future – but I think powershop is a freaking awesome deal for students in shared flats.

  8. Yes, but how can you buy overnight power if no one has any way of measuring how much power you’re using at night vs the day? Logically you’re going to need two meters, or a meter that can be remotely read twice a day.

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