Censorship in the age of the blog.

Following the Mumbai attacks late last year, there was apparently scathing criticism of the news reporting.

One blogger has been sued for claiming a TV station used ‘shoddy journalism’ and has unpublished his post and issues a retraction statement.

The result?

Fairly obvious really. The entire blogosphere erupts, people re-publish the post on their websites and the overall publicity for the news station is hugely negative.

What can they do now? Sue thousands of bloggers?

One thing I love about blogging is the mass movement for freedom of speech and opinion. I agree that slanderous comments and those based on nothing but a desire to cause harm should carry repercussions, but the right to express a well-reasoned opinion is something we’ve all finally stood up to defend.

And there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Natural justice will ensure that the unfounded rumors eventually die an undignified death, but that bullying can no longer be used as a tactic to ensure only the good stuff gets published.

At the risk of also being sued, I would have to say that was a stupid move from the TV station :)

(Thanks Jack for the link)

2 thoughts on “Censorship in the age of the blog.”

  1. Media will always be biased, wether it’s a news channel affiliated with some government or sponsored by a brand, or a blog whose writer is expressing their opinion. The problem is when people don’t declare that it’s an opinion or their affiliations which may or may not influence the context of their story.

    Unfortunately nowadays to get the full story you need to do some research and make a decision based on the array of “facts”.

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