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the long tail is a increasingly used term to define the de-centralisation focus around a few to the many.

Keeping it Simple

There seems to be quite a flurry of good business ideas being directed towards me in the past few days. One thing they ALL have in common is exponential growth. This is not exponential growth in customers, but in the size of the idea. One sentence that I find myself regularly repeating is “There are […]

Webstock Mini – Life on the Fringe

The Decisive Flow team headed along to the Webstock mini conference on Tuesday night. Apart from now knowing more about tag clouds than we ever thought we would, we also learned about living on the fringe. And the fringe is an exceptional place. I loved the quote “We didn’t think we’d make any money off […]

My predictions for 2008

I was at the business center last night for a relaxed wind up to the year. Melissa Clarke-Reynolds (founder of Pay Global and one of New Zealand’s top female entrepreneurs) was there and ran us through a couple of her predictions for top trends in 2008. I thought that was kind of a fun idea, […]

Web Office VS Desktop Office Apps

One of the critisisms of evolutionone was that it was before its time and small businesses would struggle with the idea of managing their entire business on the web. I suppose we are young enough and technical enough to have always been involved in businesses where management through the web was a goal, not a fear and because of this, sometimes we overlook the hesitations of our less web-based counterparts.

Why You Need A Web Office is a good outline for the more reserved, although I would like to see a shortening of the timeframe before the early adopters move to a fully web based office. Especially newer, smaller businesses who don’t have a legacy IT department, haven’t invested heavily in Microsoft products and who could really benefit from the reduced costs and greater efficiencies of web based office products. I think the creation of web based business management products opens a massive opportunity for small businesses to become far more competitive and the sooner they are adopted by the ‘fortune 5 million’, the better.