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the long tail is a increasingly used term to define the de-centralisation focus around a few to the many.

Dump your granny’s power company

Since I took over Decisive Flow solo, I have had my eye half open for a cool startup opportunity. Last last year the perfect one presented itself, and since we already had a team who had spent the past few months discussing working together, we dived in and started our own power company – Power […]

The End of MYOB?

I was never a fan of MYOB – living in a world of web 2.0 didn’t gel so nicely with an offline accounting package that took ages to get hooked into and a manual to learn how to use. MYOB was probably ahead pf its time when it launched, but they didn’t appear to keep […]

Facebook turns to crimefighting!

Apparently the Queenstown police have now got a Facebook profile. And just when we all gave up hope of Facebook ever being more than a popularity contest, the police are reporting great crime fighting results. Over 14,000 people viewed a video of some idiot who tried to break into a safe, got hot and then […]

Are you obsessed with your internet friends?

The guys at Read Write Web just wrote a post discussing the tendency to become obsessed with WHY people who you have never met, never will meet and know only through internet applications like Twitter, UNFRIEND you. In real life, we have it easy. There are only so many mistakes you can make. But on […]

The Driver Didn’t Design the Windscreen

I caught the bus today and somehow got chatting to the driver. He went on a rant about the giant floor to ceiling windscreens buses use. They cost $3,000 a pop and because of the height of the bus, often get cracked on tree branches etc. The bus driver thought it was a stupid idea, […]

No Pulitzer Prize for bloggers

I just read at Seth Godin’s blog that the Pulitzer Prize people have altered the rules so that they effectively ensure that no individual blogger can ever win an award. I think it’s stupid. The Pulitzer Prize people have made the same mistake governments make when they ban same-sex marriage, or when anyone tries to […]

We made the news!!!

Yesterday’s human-powered number 350 on Parliaments lawn, was, in my opinion, a resounding success. Initially, it appeared that the failure to attract 350 kids was going to be a major disappointment. It’s very difficult to appear as the voice of NZ youth, when many youth would rather race home to their tv’s than get involved […]

Transport Behavior Change

Claire (Who is now famous around Wellington for her victory in getting bikes on trains for free) is now embarking on a much larger, transport behavior change project. I spent 2 hours last week being trained up to help out with the research. And let me tell you, it is INTENSE. We learned all sorts […]

The money free economy

I have just received my first ever ‘get writing you slacker’ request from a reader. Thanks Amy, I feel appreciated. Anyone who feels the need to demand blog posts from me, feel free. Sometimes I need the ego boost ;) A couple of close friends and I have, in the past year, started thinking about […]

Is there really a shortage of girls in technology?

After last night’s Geek Girl Dinner, I’m starting to wonder. The restaurant was packed with women from all walks of geek life, talking geek, learning geeky stuff and having a good time. This event came straight after reading a Wellingtonista article about another tech event that managed to attract virtually no women at all ( […]