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Growing Silicon Welly

One of Rod’s (final?!?) posts caught my eye today. It was an article about the new Startup-Magazine edition which has just been released, with a cover that features “Just about everyone” Rod knows. The reason it caught my eye was for the same reason. It’s the same old group of tech startups – some of […]

How to Win

We had our netball semi final on Tuesday, and I take back everything I said about us being losers. We played like a well-oiled machine. If the Silver Fern coaches were there, they would have snapped us up. After the game and after I stopped jumping up and down long enough to ponder what went […]

Geurilla Marketing, Dog Style

I was wandering the streets at lunch, when I came across a pink petition signing extravaganza. The petition was to get lighting in official dog walking parks in Wellington (did you know currently NONE of our official dog walking parks has lighting at night or on dark winter days?). I vaguely recognised the brand that […]

High Tea – the latest craze

I just got invited to High Tea at Kirkcaldie and Stains! Turns out this is the latest craze to (re) sweep the world. From some article in the Dom Post: “WHILE you are thumping your keyboard and shovelling junk food from the office vending machine into your gob, in downtown Wellington people are nibbling cheesecake, […]

Adding Personality to Your Website

There have always been competitions over the best 404/500 pages (the pages you arrive at when the website breaks or you hit a link that doesn’t exist). This is because people arriving on these pages are generally not going to be happy chappies, because they expected to go somewhere and instead landed nowhere. So people […]

Market Research – The Old Fashioned Way

Last night I headed along to a market research session with two of my most outspoken friends, to offer feedback on a branding and marketing strategy in return for wine and freebies (note: If you do market research, you will be surprised at how much people will do for a free glass of wine) The […]

Non-constrcutive criticism.

I just arrived back to find the office all a flutter about someone pulling apart one of our websites ( and the design work we did. Having worked in startups and design for a while, I am well used to getting criticised for the work we do – I am yet to find one designer […]

Facing (constructive) criticism

When you are young and in business, it is VERY easy to fall into the trap of people finding it so impressive that you are even scraping together a living for yourself they engulf you in praise and congratulations. This isn’t actually that helpful and while I accept that owning a business in your 20’s […]

Canned Chicken… What WERE they thinking?

I was at the wine and food fair at the weekend and came across CANNED CHICKEN. It struck me that this was THE worst business idea in the world ever. New Zealand is like one big farm, chicken (especially caged, battery chicken) costs next to nothing really and we can eat it fresh. Who, in […]

Are we black?

Emma and I went along to listen to Simon and Marie-Claire’s WONDERFUL seminar on branding. At one point things got contentious as we learned that 40% of ALL purchase decisions are made on country of origin. We started talking about brand New Zealand… Which is generally agreed to be sub-par compared to what we COULD […]