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Team bonding. It works.

Last week I dragged the team along to meet with Alan (business coach extrodinare) for a team strategy meeting. The others are used to my weird ideas and I believe they were a tad hesitant to believe that spending an afternoon away from Photoshop would be, in any way helpful. I think Alan converted them. […]

Does Search Engine Optimisation just Equal Good Marketing?

Quite often customers ask me to make sure their site ranks at number one on Google. After Ronan heard my reply one too many times, he sent me an article that rips apart the notion of SEO. I agree with basically every part. Unless SEO experts partake in some of the more ‘dodgy’ SEO activities, […]

Censorship in the age of the blog.

Following the Mumbai attacks late last year, there was apparently scathing criticism of the news reporting. One blogger has been sued for claiming a TV station used ‘shoddy journalism’ and has unpublished his post and issues a retraction statement. The result? Fairly obvious really. The entire blogosphere erupts, people re-publish the post on their websites […]

Ferrit’s gone bust – what a surprise.

Twitter was buzzing with the news this morning, so I imagine I’m a little slow on the uptake. Since the launch of Ferrit a couple of years ago, the generally accepted wisdom in the NZ tech community is that the site didn’t stand a chance. I’m still not 100% sure what they even do, other […]

Getting your point across stylishly

I had the pleasure of being involved in the Frocks on Bikes event at the 350 Climate change action festival in the weekend. Bikes in Welly are a contentious issue. There aren’t really any bike lanes, and when cars and bikes share the same space, road rage appears inevitable. So, when you get together 350 […]

Staring Blankly at My Screen

I have had a lot of conversations recently with people who I really respect, who have businesses I really admire. They re all the types who help other people understand their business and grow it. But all of them agree, when it comes to your own business, it is a million times harder to put […]

What Mark Does Your Website Get?

Courtesy of Lance Wiggs, I came across Website Grader (which I REALLY want to call Website GradR, due to it’s web 2.0ness). It’s awesome. There has been some controversy over whether or not the 6,000 odd links pointing to Decisive Flow are the high quality ones I think they are, or if they could in […]

Helping out during business as usual

Another weekend away (I appear to have no fixed abode) and we got talking about social marketing. A friend of mine works for the organisation that is trying to bring our national smoking rates down. One of the services she provides is scouring magazines and offering the publications advice on how many positive smoking references […]

Knowing what you’re customers will jump at

I subscribed to the fishpond newsletter a while ago and receive regular updates. It struck me yesterday (while I was giving them my credit card details) that they have their target market sussed. Fishpond regularly offer the top 100 books or award winning books for 50% off. This is kind of unheard of in NZ. […]