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Women’s only groups?

A while ago a few entrepreneurial women and I decided to start a monthly Meetup for like minded ladies. Over the months, the Meetup has become fairly successful, drawing an array of fascinating and very successful women out of the woodwork, with the promise of worts and all stories about ourselves, by ourselves. The question […]

I HATE (company) Tax

I’m normally a great proponent of tax. It’s an important part of a functioning society with a decent health system and support available for those who need it. But when I get hit with a massive tax bill (which I was kind of waiting for) it does get me thinking. After my accountant had me […]

A few account updates

After YET ANOTHER disappointment with National Bank last week (Finding out I was paying about double the account fees I should have been), I have decided to re-look at all our suppliers. In about 2 hours of work, i reckon I can save me/the business about $50+ per month just by changing to new suppliers […]

Work hours are work hours

I am bogged down at work. I also have a wedding in the family in two weeks. One thing that has become increasingly obvious is my inability to sit down for a full work day and get stuff done without 1-2 hours taken up with people popping in, asking quick favours etc etc for non […]

Getting help from NZTE

I just applied for funding from NZTE for the first time ever. We are trying to get financial assistance for our upcoming work with Alan to get our strategies straight and documented (and making sense!) for the next few years of growth. So, one day when I had a spare minute, I started trawling the […]

How to host a hens night

I have spent the past few months organising my sister’s Hens night. But because I am me and not a normal person, I changed it into more of a Hens Weekend. When you have 11 people on limited budgets and want to get them all to the Wairarapa to a luxury cottage and wine tour, […]

People matter now more than ever.

The other day, I heard about a guy who works for a company who yell at him for caring too much about customers. Apparently it detracts too much from the bottom line and he is actively DISCOURAGED from providing exceptional service. These days, we all hear about companies cutting costs through mass redundancies. I’ve heard […]

Team bonding. It works.

Last week I dragged the team along to meet with Alan (business coach extrodinare) for a team strategy meeting. The others are used to my weird ideas and I believe they were a tad hesitant to believe that spending an afternoon away from Photoshop would be, in any way helpful. I think Alan converted them. […]

Censorship in the age of the blog.

Following the Mumbai attacks late last year, there was apparently scathing criticism of the news reporting. One blogger has been sued for claiming a TV station used ‘shoddy journalism’ and has unpublished his post and issues a retraction statement. The result? Fairly obvious really. The entire blogosphere erupts, people re-publish the post on their websites […]

The End of MYOB?

I was never a fan of MYOB – living in a world of web 2.0 didn’t gel so nicely with an offline accounting package that took ages to get hooked into and a manual to learn how to use. MYOB was probably ahead pf its time when it launched, but they didn’t appear to keep […]